Gloria M. Gavris, Author

Gloria Gavris lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts and  is a lawyer, former lobbyist and community volunteer and loves electoral politics and campaigns! As a young girl, Gloria's whole family often campaigned together in her childhood home of Everett, Massachusetts. She has felt the thrill of election night wins and the disappointment of defeat. These family experiences inspired her love for local politics and election season. Gloria hopes E is for Election Day will engage the next generation of voters with a love and excitement for election season, voting and democracy, one book, one child at a time.  

Shawn McCann, Illustrator

Shawn McCann is an award-winning illustrator, street painter and muralist. He is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and lives in the Twin Cities area. His illustrations have been featured in more than twenty books. Random splatters of paint have been known to show up wherever Shawn creates his art. 


Sammie (aka Uncle Sam)

Sammie is Gloria's lovable 7 year old yellow lab who enjoys chasing tennis balls, sneaking up on the couch to snuggle and peanut butter.  Sammie loves to be out campaigning and meeting new friends during election season. Can you find Sammie in E is for Election Day?  Hint: Sammie is helping candidates get elected on 5 pages.