“E is for Election Day” is an engaging resource that makes complex concepts fun and understandable to young and old alike. Author Gloria Gavris’s enthusiasm spills out over the pages of her colorful book.” Martha Madsen, Ex.Dir. NH Institute for Civics Educ.

"...the rich information creatively portrayed will captivate the adventurous reader. Young politicians and political activists will find a great resource here, and future citizens from a number of backgrounds will be glad to see themselves in the pictures."                 Kirkus Reviews

 "Hot off the presses, this high-spirited A-to-Z book features delightfully illustrated descriptions of important aspects of the election season, from campaigns to recounts. Massachusetts author Ms. Gavris devotes each page to an important element of voting, ranging from “American Elections” (the text begins with “Lucky you!”), “Ballots” (“Shhhh!”), and “Conventions” (“What a party!”), to “Zig Zag” (“Candidates. . .will be zigzagging through neighborhoods!”). Kudos to Ms. Gavris for encouraging young readers to think about their future responsibilities and roles as voters – and about the ways they can participate even before they turn 18. We find this a fresh new approach to sparking young readers’ interest in civic engagement."     MA League of Women Voters                  

"Due to the amazing illustrations and creative use of letters and wording, you will learn what voting is all about. This is important because one day we will all have a chance to vote, giving us a voice that will make a difference" Milena, Derry NH Age 9                                                        

"As a former history teacher, I can recommend this book as an excellent teaching tool. To me E is for Excellent !"                                         Linda P., Newton, MA

"An important part of democracy explained in a fun and easy way for children"                                                                                                Lucas L., Tempe AZ

"Teach your kids the A,B,Cs of the electoral process without putting them to sleep."                                                                                            Kenan N.,  Winchester, MA

" I thought it was clever the way it would ask questions, interacting the child and making him think about what was discussed. I even learned from the book!"                                                                                      Julie N., Knoxville, TN

"I love this book and recommend it because it is a subject that isn't normally covered or talked about, yet it is something we live by and should do here in America."                                                                                                                        Sue M., Windsor, CT